Preventing Burning When Baking Cookies

Baking Cookies pic
Baking Cookies

Laurie Kimbrel graduated from Loyola University with a doctor of education and has spent over 15 years working as an academic administrator. Serving as the head of school at Brookhaven Innovation Academy, she is responsible for establishing school programs, hiring staff, and leading development. Outside of work, Laurie Kimbrel enjoys baking pies, cakes, and cookies.

Burnt cookies are the bane of many bakers’ time in the kitchen. Depending on the oven, the true internal temperature can vary quite a bit. If the temperature runs hotter than what it is set at, the cookies will likely over-bake and burn. This can easily be checked with a baking thermometer, so bakers can alter their baking temperatures according to the desired results. Further, cookies must be removed from the pan immediately. Even though they are out of the oven, the heat from the pan continues baking the cookies as they cool, particularly the bottoms. Instead, place fresh cookies on a wire cookie rack as soon as they are finished.

After all this, some bakers may still find that their cookies are burning. This might be the result of the cookie pan. Older pans and those with a dark finish frequently produce cookies with bottoms that are too dark. Cookie sheets that have too much nonstick spray or butter can also cause similar problems. By using parchment paper, bakers can reduce how much the bottoms of their cookies burn. Ideally, bakers should adjust their baking times based on the type of pan they use. Darker pans require a shorter baking time, while shiny pans often require longer baking times.


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