Animal Abandonment and the Reasons Behind It

Animal Abandonment pic
Animal Abandonment

Between 2008 and 2015, Laurie Kimbrel served as the superintendent of Tamalpais Union High School District in Larkspur, California, and now heads the Brookhaven Innovation Academy in Norcross, Georgia. During her free time, Laurie Kimbrel volunteers in large-dog rescues.

There wouldn’t be so many animal rescues if there weren’t so many animals being abandoned. Despite the heartbreaking idea of abandoning an animal, there are still over six million dogs and cats left at animal shelters every year.

Why do the families of these animals abandon them in the first place? Peta2 – an animal-rights group which serves as an extension of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) – listed on its blog some of the reasons people use to justify their abandonment of their animals. On the one hand, there are excuses that are practical in nature, such as having to move and the hefty costs associated with caring for an animal. On the other hand, there are absurd reasons associated with the growth of the animal such as, “He’s become too big” and “He’s not cute anymore.”

In the same blog, Peta2 reiterates that adopting an animal companion requires a sense of responsibility and compassion. It is not merely buying a possession, but adding a member of the family.


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