The American Education Crisis

Students First pic
Students First

Between 2008 and 2015, Laurie Kimbrel served as the superintendent of Tamalpais Union High School District, where she managed approximately 4,200 students and 435 staff members; she is currently head of Brookhaven Innovation Academy. During her free time, Laurie Kimbrel volunteers at Students First.

Students First is a non-profit organization that operates in four states: California, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Volunteer-based, it works to advocate for the passage of laws and policies relevant to the educational system in order to ensure that every child in America has great teachers and great schools.

The main impetus behind this establishment of this organization is the looming education crisis. While the American educational system was designed to give students a chance to succeed, the system has recently been falling short. Statistics show that more than a quarter of today’s students fail to graduate from high school within the expected four years. On top of that, less than a quarter of high school graduates exhibit readiness to attend a college or university. Various issues compound the problem, including large achievement gaps and decreasing proficiency in maths and reading.

This education crisis has the potential to create a huge impact in our country’s future. To learn how you can support Students First in its advocacy efforts, visit


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