The Curriculum of Brookhaven Innovation Academy in Georgia

Brookhaven Innovation Academy pic
Brookhaven Innovation Academy



Since April 2016, Laurie Kimbrel, EdD, has been directing Brookhaven Innovation Academy (BIA), a K-6 public charter school that opened this fall in Norcross, Georgia. Relying on an eclectic combination of instructional techniques through which students learn in a project-based learning environment, Dr. Laurie Kimbrel was instrumental in establishing BIA’s curriculum.

BIA’s curriculum includes college preparatory work with a focus on science, technology, engineering, math, computer programming, literacy, and personalized learning via CompassLearning, a learning technique developed by Richard Mayer based on the principle of personalization. Personalization has been supported by studies that have shown that students learn up to 40 percent better when the material is delivered in a conversational style rather than more formally, which arguably implies a less active student role.

At the time students started classes on August 2, limited spaces were still available for 2016-17. An informational events timeline for 2017-18 should be available by early November. All Georgia residents are eligible to attend BIA, with no priority given to those residing in Brookhaven.


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