Brookhaven Innovation Academy Embraces Blended Learning

Brookhaven Innovation Academy pic
Brookhaven Innovation Academy

Dr. Laurie Kimbrel currently serves as the Head of School for the Brookhaven Innovation Academy, a public charter school recognized by the State Charter Schools Commission of Georgia. Part of Dr. Laurie Kimbrel’s job is to help establish the school’s curriculum and instructional program, which utilizes blended learning.

Blended learning is a teaching practice that aims to bring classrooms into the 21st century by utilizing technology to supplement and enhance education. As the name suggests, blended learning blends traditional in-class learning with online learning. Both online and in-person instruction follows the same topics, enabling the two components to complement one another. Blended learning also allows lessons to be personalized to each student, accounting for their interests and personal needs.

The Brookhaven Innovation Academy considers blended learning a core component of the school’s pedagogy. Blended learning affords the school the ability to break students into small groups with others who have a similar level of mastery in a given subject. The added flexibility also offers students more one-on-one attention, with teachers able to move at the pace of each student instead of the entire class.

To learn more about blended learning and the Brookhaven Innovation Academy, visit the school online at


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