American Association of School Administrators/ iPD


Laurie Kimbrel
Laurie Kimbrel

Prior to becoming the head of the Brookhaven Innovation Academy, Laurie Kimbrel attended Loyola University in Chicago, Illinois, where she received an ED.D degree in curriculum and instruction in 2002. In her professional career as an educator, Laurie Kimbrel is also a member of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA).

Founded in 1866, the American Association of School Administrators was organized at the meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, of the National Teachers Association. The AASA has served since that time as the voice for national public education to those on Capitol Hill, along with providing coaching and technical assistance to school districts. The Association also supports and promotes several different children’s programs, including the Innovative Professional Development Assessment and Redesign (iPD).

The iPD program was created to help school districts look at their current practices and analyze them to find areas of improvement. The iPD also redesigns and enhances teacher professional development and implements policy for more effective systems.


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