Bristol Hospice Encourages Volunteers to Help Families

Bristol Hospice pic
Bristol Hospice

Since April 2016, Dr. Laurie Kimbrel has served as head of school for Brookhaven Innovation Academy in Norcross, Georgia. When not at the public charter school, Laurie Kimbrel volunteers her time in the community, including at Bristol Hospice, LLC, where she is a patient-care volunteer.

The parent company of Bristol Hospice was established in 2006. It offers hospice services through almost a dozen facilities scatters across the country. Each facility strives to provide respect, compassion, and care to its patients and their families. The Georgia facility is found in Atlanta and serves more than 45 of the state’s counties.

Hospices rely heavily on volunteers to give patients end-of-life care services. Many patients receive hospice services at their home or at a hospital, nursing home, or assisted-living facility. As a result, volunteers are called upon to provide a comforting presence for patients and their families, offer caregivers a respite, run errands, and do some light housekeeping.

Occasionally, after a loved one passes, surviving family members wish to become hospice volunteer themselves. Bristol Hospice asks that they wait a minimum of one year before applying.


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