Georgia Nonprofit Supports School Finance Reporting Bill


Laurie Kimbrel
Laurie Kimbrel

An educational administrator for more than a decade, Dr. Laurie Kimbrel serves as head of school for Brookhaven Innovation Academy, located in Norcross, Georgia. Dedicated to helping others, Laurie Kimbrel volunteers her time with several organizations, including StudentsFirst and its chapter in Georgia.

A nonprofit organization, StudentsFirst strives to ensure that every child has access to excellent schools and teachers. It believes that teachers make the difference in a child’s life, and that each staff member works to raise awareness about shortcomings in the education system. Thanks to its volunteers, StudentsFirst has helped get more than 130 laws passed and change policies related to education. In March 2016, some of StudentsFirst’s state chapters, including Georgia’s, merged with 50Can, another nonprofit education advocacy group.

One effort made by the Georgia chapter during 2016 was supporting House Bill 659, which requires all schools and districts to give the public detailed financial information. Although the legislation did not get signed into law that year, the Georgia governor has pledged his support, and the organization believes its goal to change policy will be achieved in 2017.


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